Lutherans in Egypt

Once a week I am privileged to help form 15 men from 11 different countries to become Lutheran pastors through classes at Luther Academy, Riga, joining my LCMS missionary colleagues as we take turns giving lessons over Zoom. Since January, I have been teaching “Lutheran Confessions of Faith,” working through the entire Book of Concord … Continue reading Lutherans in Egypt

God Loves the Righteous

Sometimes things appear a certain way, but at second glance are quite different than had appeared initially. Last week I was in Riga, Latvia, convening with fellow Luther Academy faculty members and LCMS missionaries John Bombaro, Quintin Cundiff, Jerry Lawson, David Preus, along with academic dean Jēkabs Jurdžs, preparing the 2023/24 academic year of the … Continue reading God Loves the Righteous

If the LORD Wills

“*If the Lord wills*, we will live and do this or that” (James 4:15). The Resurrection of Our Lord was curious for me this year… I had been instructing my five Iranian catechumens for months and we were looking forward to me baptizing them and also confirming another adult on Easter Sunday. As I was … Continue reading If the LORD Wills

The Remnant

“‘I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.’ So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace” (Romans 11:4-5). You may recall that a few days ago I commented on the sorry state of affairs in Germany’s Protestant “state church,” which is known … Continue reading The Remnant

Hymns Full of Grace

Last week, Lula and I attended a Lenten service at Hamburg’s St. Michaelis, which was built in 1647 and now belongs to the Protestant “state church” (EKD). As we stepped into the beautiful edifice, some 150 feet long and 130 feet wide, a sign read: “Lenten service in the chancel.” We proceeded through the cavernous … Continue reading Hymns Full of Grace