Ilya and the Gospel, Part 2

Everyday Miracles (cont. from June 16): Ilya apparently knew that Christianity revolves around Jesus—fully God and fully man—who died on the cross for all humanity, that He forgives those who repent and guarantees us believers eternal life. Sadly, however, he had also flatly stated that he did not want to get “too close” to Christianity … Continue reading Ilya and the Gospel, Part 2

Warum Jesus?

Our theme the past few days has been the “remnant”—that group of individuals that the Lord has reserved for Himself even in the midst of a huge throng of people that are far away from Him (or at least appear to be).I recently had another such encounter as I was standing at a bus stop … Continue reading Warum Jesus?

khodah hafez!

Sunday, May 9 our daughter Amanda, who lives in Hamburg, and I worshipped at the Zionsgemeide, one of two SELK congregations in Hamburg. After several days of rain, we walked to church in the sunshine. It seemed that all of Hamburg was on its feet—in shorts, tank tops, and everything in between—running and biking. After … Continue reading khodah hafez!