Good News

This has been an average summer in Germany, with weather the way I recall it from my childhood in Bavaria—temps in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit, occasional sun and frequent showers. This is why I like to use every opportunity I can get to catch some Vitamin D. And so, I sometimes sit out there … Continue reading Good News

Sacrifice in Persian

Every week I take Persian lessons over Zoom with my Iranian tutor in Berlin. Among the hundreds of thousands of Iranian migrants to Germany, 36 % are Christian or lean toward Christianity, while only 33% are Muslim. The balance holds no religious beliefs at all. My tutor knows almost nothing about Christianity and, so far, … Continue reading Sacrifice in Persian

Now Thank We All Our God

Now Thank We All Our God! Did you start off your day annoyed…because you ran out of coffee filters, or because your Internet connection isn’t as fast as you’d like? Are you letting “gnats” like these overshadow your gratitude for the rich gifts of God—a comfortable place to live, the ability to come and go … Continue reading Now Thank We All Our God